Medi Assist

Medi-Assist service is provided through CanAssistance

Pacific Blue Cross, through Medi-Assist, provides assistance to members and their dependents who experience emergencies while traveling outside of their province of residence.

When and How to Contact Medi-Assist

  1. Call Medi-Assist within 24 hours of an emergency. They are accessible to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Assistance is provided in both French and English. Have a pen and paper ready.
  2. How to connect to Medi-Assist:
    In Canada and the US: call 1 888 699-9333 (toll-free)
    Outside of Canada/US: contact an international operator and request a collect call to 
    604 419-4487
  3. You will need to provide Medi-Assist with your PBC group and ID number or, if you purchased a travel plan, your travel plan certificate number. As such, please remember to take your PBC ID card or your travel certificate with you when leaving your province of residence.

The Medi-Assist service does not pay your medical expenses, but it does provide the following:

For information about what is covered under your plan, visit your PBC Member Profile. You can also call us at 604 419-2000.

Medi-Assist service is provided through CanAssistance