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  • Since a Primary Administrator has full access to view and change banking information, we discourage using a multi-user or communal email address, e.g. admin@ProviderClinic.ca.
  • Pacific Blue Cross Assumes or takes no responsibility for any consequences, directly or indirectly, that may arise from registering with a clinic/communal email address
  • Emails must be unique in PROVIDERnet

Role of PROVIDERnet Primary Administrator:

  • The Primary Administrator is usually the business owner or director
  • Self-serve access to set-up, change, view banking information for direct deposit for the business owner
  • Can view pre-authorizations, submit eligible claims, electronic statements

Role of PROVIDERnet Standard Administrator:

  • Can view pre-authorizations, submit eligible claims, view claims history
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Note: This form is for use only by Health/Vision Providers in British Columbia, as well as Vision Providers in Alberta and Mental Health Providers outside of BC serving FNHA clients.
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