Leading edge support for an employee’s disability journey

Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020

Pacific Blue Cross has been transforming its Work & Wellness practice to better serve our clients and members, developing a first-rate case management approach that aims to bring employees back to work faster, more cost effectively, and with more empathy and positive health outcomes. By the end of 2020 we’ll have in place industry best practice case management workflows and the most comprehensive communications in the marketplace.

Work is a key part of living a meaningful and productive life. Going off on a disability claim often erodes a person’s sense of self and purpose—at the very moment they need all the confidence they can muster to navigate the recovery process. At the same time, a disability claim is fraught with uncertainty for employers, managing the absence without a clear sense of the employee’s progress and return-to-work aspirations.

We get it. We’ve shifted from “disability management” to a Work & Wellness approach that supports members in all stages of their health journey—traditional disability support while off work, successful return to work, healthy at work, and early intervention for at-risk at work.

In 2019 we reoriented how we work in this space:

  • We’ve designed our case management practice to focus on continuity of care and co-developing shared return-to-work action plans.
  • We bolstered our team of in-house rehabilitation specialists, leveraging our local BC expertise to ensure employees get access to the right tools and health care providers.
  • We incorporated behavioural tools into our practice, such as virtual care and care navigation.
  • And we improved our internal documentation processes to align with this new way of doing things.

Phase two: digital transformation

We’re pleased to announce the latest phase of this transformation—the initial launch of our fully digitized claims management system that sets us up to have industry best practice case management workflows and the most comprehensive communications in the marketplace, demonstrating our commitment to partnership with you, support for your employees, and full transparency on all claims.

Our newly launched digital transformation ushers in the next phase of this effort. The new system enables industry best practice case management workflows and processes to improve outcomes for the claimant and employer. It also enables us to produce the most comprehensive communications package we’ve seen—a customized, transparent, easy to understand record of each claim as it progresses.

Being on disability can be tough; it’s isolating and mentally challenging. Our new case management practice is designed to drive human behavior, create shared commitment, and help employees embark on a new health care journey.

We like to say we don’t do disability management—we retool your employees for a healthier lifestyle. Open communication and clear planning has proven to bring employees back to work 20% faster*.

Learn more about our Work & Wellness transformation. Contact your account executive.


*Integrated Benefits Institute