Plans for Large Business

Customizable health care solutions for your organization

Plan sponsors know that employees place a high value on their benefit plan. Satisfaction with the benefit plan greatly contributes to attraction and retention, employee engagement and ultimately a more productive workplace.

Plan sponsors need the benefit plan to be cost-effective while providing value to employees. The success of any benefit plan depends on whether it meets the goals for which it was created. There are a lot of things to consider when designing a benefit plan that meets your business needs. That's why more employers turn to Blue Cross than any other insurer in Canada.

We are industry leaders because we know health care. Over the years we have established and maintained partnerships with governments, health practitioners and our customers to ensure we have an intimate understanding of the changing health care needs of British Columbians.

If you're considering common benefits, or looking for other specialty and value added benefits, we listen to you and use our in-depth knowledge to work with you to design the benefit plan that is right for your organization. We want to make a meaningful difference for you and your employees and the service we provide is something we are most proud of.

With Blue Cross, you're able to offer employees cost-effective coverage that they know and prefer, while protecting your most valuable asset: the people who keep your business running.