Personal Health Insurance

An affordable way to protect you and your loved ones from costs not covered by government MSP.

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Why British Columbians choose our Personal Health Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage

Our plans offer coverage beyond MSP for Dental, Prescription Drugs, Vision, Massage and more.

Women's Health

We are working hard to bridge the gaps that exist in women’s health care through intentional plan design, with support from BC Women’s Health Foundation.

Virtual Care

Pacific Blue Cross provides access to 24/7, on-demand virtual care

BC's # 1 Health Benefits Provider

1.7 million British Columbians have health and dental coverage through Pacific Blue Cross

Healthy Retirement

Only Pacific Blue Cross offers a retirement plan with the most coverage, choice and flexibility for British Columbians.

Fast, easy claims

Our free mobile app and online Member Profile process your reimbursement in as little as 24 hours.

Our Personal Health Insurance Plans

Health and Dental

Flexible, comprehensive coverage for those who may not be covered under an employee-sponsored group plan.

Perfect for:

  • Freelance, part-time or contract workers
  • Individuals or couples who want greater flexibility in how they build their family

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Guaranteed Acceptance

No medical questionnaire required, and no waiting period on most benefits.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals with an existing health condition

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Dental Only

When all you need is dental insurance.

Perfect for:

  • Freelance, part-time or contract workers
  • Individuals looking to supplement their existing group coverage

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Group Conversion

Uninterrupted coverage when leaving an employee-sponsored group plan.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals who have left their group plan within the past 60 days

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Flexible retirement plans with the most choice, flexibility and coverage.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals who have retired within the past 60 days

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Extended Health Care coverage?

    Our provincial government health care plans, MSP and PharmaCare, cover only the basic medical needs such as a visit to your physician or hospital care. Extended health care coverage includes medical services and supplies NOT covered by our provincial health care plans.

  2. Why is it important for me to have Extended Health Care coverage?

    It is important for individuals and families to have access to extended health care over and above the provincial government plans. Pacific Blue Cross offers extended health coverage which provides coverage for prescription drugs, specialized health care, vision care, dental and much more.

  3. When should I buy Extended Health and Dental coverage?

    The ideal time to buy extended health care coverage is when you and/or your family are healthy. Since most extended health care plans exclude coverage for medical conditions you may already have, you need to obtain coverage prior to the occurrence of any future unforeseen accident or sickness.

  4. Who is eligible for this coverage?

    Our Individual Plans are available to all residents of British Columbia and the Yukon provided the resident is enrolled under the Medical Services Plan of BC, or the Health Care Insurance Plan of the Yukon. Coverage will be available for applicants who are awaiting provincial coverage to begin.

    Policyholders must be at least 19 years of age. For people under age 19 who want to apply for coverage under one of our plans, an adult must be designated as the policyholder.

  5. Where and how can I find more information on extended health coverage?

    Pacific Blue Cross has available coverage for health, dental and emergency medical travel. Contact Pacific Blue Cross for more information or to speak with one of our Service Representatives:

    Individual Plans Sales and Support
    Telephone: 604 419 2000
    Fax: 604 419 2199

    Toll-free Outside the Greater Vancouver Area:
    1 800 USE BLUE (1 800 873 2583)

    Mailing Address:
    Pacific Blue Cross
    Individual Plans
    PO Box 7000
    Vancouver, BC V6B 4E1

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