Healthy travels: How Canadians are embracing stress-free adventures

Thursday, Sep 28, 2023

After several years of missing out on travel, Canadians are looking forward to travelling again, prioritizing leisure and ensuring a stress-free experience – and millennial women are leading the way.

According to the 2023 Blue Cross Travel Study, nine in 10 Canadians want to take a vacation this year and are taking steps to achieve greater peace of mind and reduce their stress while on a trip.

The top motivations driving Canadians to travel are sunny weather (44%), the opportunity to create cherished memories with loved ones (36%), and the appetite for new experiences in unfamiliar places (34%).

"Canadians haven’t lost their sense of adventure, and even though travel was disrupted in the last few years, they're excited to travel again,” says Nadeem Rajabali, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer at Pacific Blue Cross. “They know that there’s an element of risk, so they're ensuring stress-free travel by doing things like carrying more money, getting someone to look after their homes and buying travel insurance.”

However, most Canadians (89%) experience some form of stress while travelling, and unfortunately, 40 per cent say that travel stressors are preventing them from taking a trip. Travel-related challenges are not uncommon, as 58 per cent of Canadians have faced issues such as flight cancellations (24%), lost baggage (20%), damaged baggage (16%), or requiring medical attention (13%).

British Columbians Navigate Travel Challenges

These incidents are prompting travellers to seek ways to minimize risk, which includes purchasing travel insurance. In fact, 45 per cent of British Columbian travellers say they are more likely to purchase travel insurance when planning a trip now, with 45 per cent citing the ability to travel worry-free as the primary motivator.

The study also reveals that British Columbians are the most risk averse travellers, with many making purchasing travel insurance a priority to achieve peace of mind. For some, purchasing travel insurance is a no brainer, as 26 per cent of British Columbians indicate that they have always purchased travel insurance, and 22 per cent indicate it is just something they do automatically.

BC travellers also prefer to plan ahead. In fact, 57 per cent of British Columbians always or sometimes purchase travel insurance when planning a trip and 34 per cent of British Columbians purchase travel insurance for every trip they plan – the highest among any province.

Millennial Women Driving Travel Trends

Research indicates that women make 80 per cent of all travel-related decisions when planning and booking trips, whether it involves organizing trips for themselves, their families and/or friends, traveling solo or in groups. Women also lead in the domain of leisure travel, comprising 64 per cent of global travellers versus 36 per cent of male travellers.

According to recent data from VIVIDATA’s Study of the Canadian Consumer, Canadian millennial women are showing a growing interest in travel insurance, with 1 in 4 planning to purchase it in the coming year, driven by a desire for peace of mind by traveling. But the question remains: is travel insurance worth it?

"Travel insurance offers a dual benefit: it offers support during your travels and brings peace of mind,” says Rajabali. “Travel should be about adventure and anticipation, not worrying over potential mishaps. In light of the increased travel uncertainties stemming from the pandemic, British Columbians are going the extra mile to safeguard themselves and their loved ones, ensuring their journeys are as enjoyable as possible."

What’s more, three in five Canadian millennial women plan to travel in the coming year. While 46 per cent vacationed domestically or abroad in the past year, 60 per cent have future travel plans.

Travel insurance has become an increasingly important part of the planning process, as 58 per cent of Canadians agree they would never consider leaving their province without it. As travellers gear up for their next adventures, enjoy healthy travels and peace of mind with comprehensive travel insurance, guaranteeing each journey to be both, memorable and worry-free.

About the 2023 Blue Cross Travel Study

The 2023 Blue Cross Travel Study was conducted by Research + Knowledge = Insight, an independent research company. Fielded in November and December 2022 to a nationally representative sample of 2,186 adult Canadians, the survey has a margin of error of +/-2.0%, 19 times out of 20.