Our new Guaranteed Acceptance product is the most flexible in market

Thursday, Apr 1, 2021

The four-tiered plan design offers some of the highest benefit coverages available in BC for a guaranteed issue product. And, its flexible premium levels ensure you can help your clients find coverage that best suits their health care needs—at a price they can afford.

As BC’s leading provider of individual health plans in BC, we’re pleased to announce that our newly designed, four-tiered Guaranteed Acceptance personal health insurance is now available for sale.

Guaranteed Acceptance is designed to appeal to seniors. We offer the highest coverage in market for vision care, paramedicals, and mental health support—our Gold tier has the highest drug limits in the market. Both Silver and Gold include coverage for private/semi-private hospital rooms.

Guaranteed Acceptance offers value-added benefits options for younger singles and families. Our New Parent Boost benefit for new moms and families, designed in collaboration with the BC Women’s Health Foundation, offers additional coverage for mental health and physiotherapy services. It’s the only benefit of its kind in Canada. The plan also covers birth control and the HPV vaccine.

The new Guaranteed Acceptance significantly expands drug coverage. All tiers include our Blue Rx formulary, a customized drug plan that covers all BC PharmaCare listed drugs as well as additional PBC-approved drugs, ensuring that your clients get the right drug at the right price to meet their health care needs. It also includes coverage for dispensing fees, reducing their out-of-pocket costs when filling a prescription.

And there’s more:

  • The new Guaranteed Acceptance includes virtual care as part of its core benefit offering in all tiers.
  • The plan provides some of the most comprehensive mental health coverage available, with access to registered clinical counsellors, psychologists, and three online cognitive behavioural therapy programs—including a made-in BC option that specializes in substance use issues. Mental health support has become a critical benefit in the COVID era.
  • Our Preferred Pharmacy Network offers savings on prescription drugs, medical aids, and wellness services.
  • We have the largest pay direct network in BC for eligible prescriptions, health practitioners, and dental claims.
  • Clients will have the ability to move up and down tiers, ensuring their plan always fits their health care needs and budget.

In mid-April, we’ll be launching an advertising campaign to support the new GA launch, which will include TV, radio, print, digital, and direct—all aimed at the general public. The calls to action will be to talk to an advisor, go online or call Pacific Blue Cross.


We’ve created a number of resources to help the sale of this new product.

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