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Difference between Out of Country (group) and PBC Travel coverage

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
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PBC Travel Plans vs. Out of Country Coverage in Group Health Plans

Do you have enough coverage?

Most group health plans provide some protection against medical emergencies while travelling for business or pleasure. However, these plans usually provide only a limited amount of protection from expenses that arise out of a medical emergency.

Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) offers additional travel coverage you can purchase to provide you added peace of mind. And if you already have a group health plan with Pacific Blue Cross, you’re eligible for a discount on your purchase.

Comparing coverage

Both plans cover ambulance, physician, in-hospital nursing, testing and drugs in a medical emergency although there are differences in the amount of coverage provided by each. In most cases, PBC Travel plans offer more protection than out-of-country coverage through your group health plan.

Unexpected medical costs incurred outside of Canada can be very expensive. When you are covered by a PBC Travel Plan and a group health plan from PBC, your PBC Travel plan will pay first. This protects your group plan’s lifetime maximum.

We’ve put together this comparison to help you understand the general differences in coverage.

To purchase a Pacific Blue Cross Travel Plan, visit our online travel plan purchase
or call us at 1 800 USE-BLUE (1 800 873-2583).

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