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Health Spending Account Claims

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
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Insurance Basics, How to make a claim

Health Spending Account Claims

Please use the Health Spending Account Claim Form available in Member Profile and attach original detailed receipts and any benefits statements from other plans. You may make your EHC and HSA claim together on the same form.

Health Spending Account Claims are considered by your group plan and the Medical Services Plan of BC before they can be claimed under your Health Spending Account. For most expenses, you will need to submit:

  • Health Spending Account claim form*
  • An explanation of benefits statement if another insurance carrier has considered the claim (such as your spouse's plan)
  • Original paid receipts (photocopies are only accepted if you have submitted the original receipts under another group plan)

*Make sure to answer yes for each expense to the question “Apply unpaid balance to HSA plan?” in the provided column on the claim form. Please see the reverse of the HSA claim form for detailed claiming requirements for each benefit.

Coordination of benefits can save you out-of-pocket expenses

If the dependent making the claim has coverage under more than one plan, please see our information on coordination of benefits .

Claiming Deadline

Most plans provide a specific period of time in which allowable expenses must be submitted. You can find out the specific claiming deadline for your plan by referring to your plan booklet, or by signing in to Member Profile .

We suggest that you submit your claims promptly. Pacific Blue Cross can only pay claims we receive, with correct and complete information, before your claiming deadline.

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