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Andrews family: COVID-19 disruption and quarantine expenses

Do your travel plans include a hotel room, vacation package, flight, or other costs that are non-refundable? Trip Protection Insurance can help you recover those non-refundable, prepaid expenses should an unexpected situation arise.

Here’s how the Andrews family used their Trip Protection plan to save on substantial quarantine expenses after a positive COVID-19 result:

Andrews family: COVID-19 disruption and quarantine expenses

Emily and Craig Andrews and their two young children were travelling to Scotland for their first family reunion in nearly 10 years. It was also the first chance for their kids to see their grandparents and other extended members of the family since before the pandemic.

Emily and Craig and their kids already had medical coverage through work, but with everything going on in the news about flight disruptions and lost baggage, they decided to purchase Trip Protection Insurance from Pacific Blue Cross for added coverage.

The Andrews family made it to their destination and had a wonderful time at their reunion, however when they were ready to return home, the family tested positive for COVID-19. The Andrews were able to check in to a hotel near the airport for their mandatory ten day quarantine and change their flight, although they had to pay a $500 flight change fee.

Thanks to their Trip Protection plan, the Andrews were eligible for up to $300 per day, per person for their hotel, meal, and transportation costs during their quarantine as well as for things like long-distance phone calls to work to explain their delayed return. The plan also reimbursed them for the $500 flight change fee – all of which was paid within days of returning home.

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