Why most British Columbians choose Pacific Blue Cross

I have some questions...

We have answers. Look through our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers...
Love it. So much so that we reward your healthy choices with a 10% discount on select plans. We’re the only ones that do that...
No problem. We offer plans that cover pre-existing health conditions.
Yes we do that. In fact, it’s an exclusive dental only option.
Take a look at our Critical Illness Insurance plan.

I want local health insurance

Perfect. We’re located in Burnaby, British Columbia with over 750 employees to serve you.
You came to the right place. We offer the most coverage for British Columbians, and are the only insurer that allows you to change the plan with your health needs.
We definitely do that. We offer guaranteed acceptance with no medical questionnaire for any Canadian leaving a group plan.

I want fast and easy claims

We like to make things simple. You can visit any of our Insta-Claim health providers or save time and claim on-line or through our website or mobile app.
We love travel, just like you. You can add single or annual travel insurance plans to any personal health insurance plan.
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Our Personal Health Insurance

Design a plan to meet your coverage needs
  • People without coverage through work
  • Comprehensive and affordable coverage
  • Simple, one-time health questionnaire
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Why Silvia chose this plan:

Works at a start-up with no employee benefits

Silvia had just begun work at a start-up that doesn’t offer benefits. She has no pre-existing conditions, maintains a healthy lifestyle and wanted an affordable option.

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Automatic approval with no medical questionnaire required
  • People with pre-existing conditions
  • Basic coverage at an affordable price
  • No medical questionnaire
  • Guaranteed coverage
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Why Gary chose this plan:

Had pre-existing conditions that he wanted coverage for

Gary had been retired for a few years and has pre-existing conditions that require prescription drugs. After being prescribed a new medication he wanted an option that would cover his various prescription drugs.

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Uninterrupted coverage when leaving an employer-sponsored group plan
  • Leaving employer-paid benefit plan
  • Overage dependents losing coverage
  • No medical questionnaire
  • No waiting period for claims
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Why Dani chose this plan:

Left her job to become her own boss

After leaving her job last month to become self-employed, Dani wanted to ensure her family continued to receive coverage that is similar to what she previously had through her employer.

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Flexible retirement health plans with the most coverage
  • Retiring from an employer-paid plan
  • The most coverage for British Columbians
  • Flexibility to adjust your coverage
  • Guaranteed acceptance
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Why Beth chose this plan:

Wanted uninterrupted coverage when retiring

The company Beth’s husband worked for didn’t provide a pension health plan. When he retired Beth wanted flexible coverage that allowed them to make adjustments to match their changing health needs.

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Financial support so you can focus on your health
  • One-time, lump sum benefit upon diagnosis
  • Covers heart attack, stroke and cancer
  • You choose how to use the payout
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Why Kaitlyn chose this plan:

Doesn't want to worry about financial obligations should a critical illness happen

Kaitlyn has a new child and wants to make sure family won’t have to worry about the mortgage or grocery bills should a serious illness strike. One of her close friends was diagnosed with cancer and luckily had Critical Illness Insurance.

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Affordable coverage when all you need is dental insurance
  • Only need coverage for dental
  • Increasing coverage over time
  • The only plan like it available
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Why Wallace chose this plan:

Only needs coverage for the dentist

Wallace’s employer coverage takes care of things like prescriptions and glasses however they don’t cover his visits to the dentist. He wanted a plan where he only payed for dental coverage.

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Protect yourself from the unexpected
  • Emergency medical coverage while outside BC
  • Single trip and Multiple trip plans
  • Canada’s Most Trusted Brand of Travel Insurance
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Why Eve chose this plan: Eve is an avid international traveller

Eve loves ticking destinations off her bucket list but doesn’t have coverage for medical emergencies that happen outside BC. She wanted travel insurance that covers her for all the trips she will take in a year and is recognized all around the world.

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